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We, the faculty of Cornell Sociology, pledge our commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment for our students.

Many of us teach courses and conduct research on inequality, public policy, social and political movements, race and ethnicity, immigration, gender, economic systems, and other topics that can elicit diverse perspectives. We embrace this diversity, but we will challenge hateful words and actions against social groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, country of origin, rural or urban upbringing, disability, or political beliefs.



The Department of Sociology is a vibrant community of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students who share an interest in developing and applying tools of social scientific analysis to understand the social world. The department profile describes the many fields of sociology in which Cornell excels.

The Graduate Field of Sociology facilitates doctoral training, and allows doctoral students to benefit from the breadth and depth of sociology at Cornell. The  undergraduate curriculum provides rigorous training in the theoretical and methodological foundations of sociology and encourages students to think critically about the social world.

The Department hosts three research centers: the Center for the Study of Inequality, which offers the popular Minor in Inequality Studies; the Center for the Study of Economy and Society;  and the Social Dynamics Laboratory.


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