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Get into Graduate School

In 2015 and 2016, about 50% of our graduating senior sociology majors had definite plans to go to graduate school. Another 25% said that they were likely to go to graduate school within the next few years.

Sociology majors pursue a wide range of graduate degrees.

About a third of our majors who go to graduate school enroll in professional degree programs, such as business school, law school, and medical school.

Sociology provides an excellent foundation for applying to law school and business school because of the critical thinking and analytic skills that you develop as a major. In fact, many of the top law schools and business schools have been adding sociologists to their faculty, because they recognize the value of sociological perspectives and methods.

And, as you might know, the MCAT now includes a section on the sociology of health. We’ve even had majors who have gone on to top dental schools.

About 50% of Cornell sociology majors who go to graduate school pursue masters or doctoral degrees. This includes graduate degrees in sociology, of course, but also public policy and public affairs, political science, psychology, education, public health, social work, natural resources, and urban planning.

Our majors are admitted into some of the most competitive masters and doctoral programs. There are a few reasons why our majors stand out.

First, admissions to graduate programs often require students to demonstrate their potential for graduate-level research, and/or to craft a coherent statement about why they want to pursue a post-baccalaureate degree. Our majors tell us that their sociology courses prepared them for this by teaching them how to frame a social science research question and think critically about social facts and evidence — precisely the skills that admissions committees are seeking.

Second, majoring in sociology also affords students many opportunities to develop strong writing samples that enhance their applications to graduate programs. Several of our courses devote sustained attention throughout the semester to the craft of evaluating social scientific evidence, writing effectively about social science research, and producing new social science research. Students who complete an honors thesis in Sociology will also be especially well prepared for graduate admissions and studies.

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