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Transfer Credits

If you wish to take a Sociology course at a university other than Cornell, you may be able to transfer those course credits to Cornell and count them toward your degree.

The College of Arts and Science maintains strict regulations on what is permissible. Courses must meet the College’s criteria in order to be considered for credit in Sociology. These stipulations include:

  • The College will accept transfer credits from other regionally-accredited institutions upon recommendation of the relevant academic department.
  • College courses taken during high school may be available for transfer credit if you attended the course on a college or university campus and the course was not used to fulfill high school requirements or Cornell admission requirements.
  • A “C” or better is required for a course to transfer, but some departments insist on a higher grade for some courses.
  • The Knight Writing Institute determines whether transfer course work can be applied toward the College’s writing requirement.
  • Credits and courses transferred from other institutions count as part of the 120 credits and 34 courses required for graduation; they do not count toward the 100 credits required in Arts & Sciences and do not factor into the Cornell grade point average.
  • Courses taken at other institutions during the summer may be applied to meeting the criteria for accelerated graduation.
  • Courses taken at other institutions while on leave of absence may not be used to reduce the terms of residence. In other words, students planning on accelerating their graduations to fewer than eight semesters must be able to complete all graduation requirements and meet the criteria for acceleration without credits earned while on leave of absence.
  • Students may not apply transfer credit to any distribution requirements.
  • Transferred courses, with the approval of the department, may count toward the major.

The College outlines procedures to follow to attempt to transfer credit, which requires approval of both the department in question and the College.

Students interested in transferring credit for a Sociology course taken elsewhere should bear in mind the following:

  • The Department of Sociology does not approve transfer credits from all four-year colleges that offer sociology courses.
  • A list of approximately 65 four-year research universities whose course credits are routinely approved for transfer is available from Sue Meyer, the undergraduate program coordinator.
  • Requests for transfers of credit from four-year colleges not on the list of routinely approved research universities will be considered for approval by the Director of Undergraduate Study. Any such requests should be accompanied by substantial detail on the course, its assignments, and its instructor.
  • Except in very rare circumstances, the Department of Sociology does not approve transfer credits from (a) junior colleges or community colleges or (b) from courses at any institution taken on-line or by correspondence, or (c) courses taken in social work programs.