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The Sociology Major combines a solid foundation in sociological theories, perspectives, methods, and analysis, with the opportunity to focus your elective courses around topics that interest you.

The Sociology Major requires just 10 courses – 3 core courses and 7 electives.

The core courses provide an overview of sociological theories and methods that unite us as a discipline. These 3 courses are:

SOC 1101: Introduction to Sociology
SOC 3010: Evaluating Statistical Evidence
SOC 3750: Classical Theory or SOC 3190: Contemporary Sociological Theory

You can select your 7 elective courses from any 3- or 4-credit courses that have a SOC prefix. The only stipulation is that three of the electives should be at the 3000-level or higher.

For credit toward the major, students must earn a grade of C- or higher in each of the core and elective courses.

Combining Sociology with other majors and/or minors
The flexibility of the Sociology Major allows many students to combine it with another major or minor. Sociology can be an excellent complement to majors in other social science disciplines, or majors in humanities and the hard sciences. In fact, about a third of graduating majors in 2015 and 2016 had a second major, and close to 75% of them completed a minor.

Independent Study Courses
Some Sociology Majors pursue independent study courses. This includes 3- or 4-credit independent study courses registered as SOC 4910 or SOC 4950/4960 (honors thesis research). Up to two of these may be counted toward the elective requirements. Students who are writing an honors thesis may be allowed to count three semesters of independent study work toward the major, at the discretion of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Most students find it easy to satisfy the requirements for the major. In fact, a recent graduate said:

 “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wish I was required to take at least another SOC class or two!”

On the following pages, you’ll find more information about academic advising and the honors program in Sociology.