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Declaring the Major

If you are student in the College of Arts & Sciences and you want to declare the Sociology Major, it is in your best interest to do so as soon as possible. (See the College’s advice on how to select a major.) If you are not currently in the College of Arts & Sciences, you need to be admitted to the College before you can declare the Sociology Major.

Students are eligible to declare the major after they have completed at least one course in Sociology.

To declare the major, you should complete the Sociology Major Application. This form asks you to list the Sociology courses that you have taken.

You will also be asked to indicate your preference(s) for a Faculty Advisor in the Sociology Department. You may select any member of the Sociology Department Faculty. Your faculty advisor can help you plan your program of study within the Department. If you do not have a preference for your Faculty Advisor, of if your requested advisor is not available, the Director of Undergraduate Studies will assign a Faculty Advisor for you.

You should submit your Sociology Major Declaration Form to the Undergraduate Coordinator, Sue Meyer, in the Sociology Department Office (3rd floor of Uris Hall).

Your declaration form will be reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. If it is approved, the Department will notify the College that you have declared the Sociology Major. Please allow two weeks for your major declaration to be processed, approved, and entered into the College’s system.

The next step is to work toward completing the requirements for the major.