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Admission to the Sociology Honors Program is determined, first, by grades. Sociology majors who have at least a B+ grade point average overall, and an A- grade point average in the major, qualify for entry into the Honors Program.

Students who are admitted to the Honors Program must write a thesis during their senior year.

If you believe you will qualify for the Honors Program, and you are interested in writing a thesis, you should begin preparing for this during your junior year.

Preparation During Junior Year
During their junior year, sociology majors who wish to write an honors thesis should do the following:

  • Complete SOC 3010 (“Evaluating Statistical Evidence”) by the end of the junior year
  • Verify eligibility for the Honors Program by contacting Sue Meyer (ss30), the undergraduate program coordinator
  • Identify and secure the consent of a faculty member in the Sociology Department. Honors theses are typically advised by either the student’s Faculty Advisor or by a Sociology professor who has taught the student in a class. Students should contact possible honors thesis advisors and request a meeting early in the second semester of their junior year.
  • Draft a proposal. Once you have secured a faculty member to advise the honors thesis, you should work with your advisor to draft a short honors thesis proposal. This should be submitted with the application described below.

Students who are admitted into the Honors Program will enroll in SOC 4950 in the fall semester and SOC 4960 in the spring semester of their senior year. These two courses can be used toward the fulfillment elective requirements for the Sociology Major.

Honors Program Application
To obtain admission to the Honors Program, and, thus, eligibility to write an honors thesis, majors must submit three documents to the Department:

  1. The Sociology Honors Thesis Application Form, signed by the faculty member who has agreed to advise the student’s honors thesis.
  2. An honors thesis proposal, including a basic description of the topic, main research questions, and methodological approach. The proposal should also outline a basic timeline for completion of the thesis (about 5 pages, double-spaced).
  3. A current transcript from the registrar.

The application documents should be submitted to Sue Meyer, the Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Her office is in 316 Uris Hall (inside the Sociology Department Office).

Students are strongly encouraged to apply to the Honors Program before the end of their junior year. But, because some senior thesis ideas are still in development during the summer between the junior and senior years, the application form can be turned in at the beginning of the first semester of the senior year.

Honors Program applications must be approved no later than the end of the third week of classes in the student’s first semester of the senior year. This is also the deadline for enrolling in SOC 4950/4960, which is required for students who are writing an honors thesis.

The next page provides more details about writing an honors thesis in Sociology.