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PhDs on the Market

Sociology Ph.D.s on the job market in 2016/17:

Our Recent Placements page provides a reasonably comprehensive list of all PhD placements since 2004, as well as a less systematic list of older placements.

Portrait of Daniel DellaPosta

Daniel J. DellaPosta
Personal site
Curriculum Vitae
Committee: Michael Macy (Co-Chair), Victor Nee (Co-Chair), Benjamin Cornwell
Dissertation: Closure and Collaboration in the American Mafia

Fedor A. Dokshin
Personal site
Curriculum Vitae
Committee: David Strang (Chair), Benjamin Cornwell, Michael Macy, Richard Stedman
Dissertation: Fuel for Debate: Spatial and Ideological Dynamics of Political Mobilization for and against Hydraulic Fracturing

Portrait of Allison Dwyer Emory

Allison Dwyer Emory
Curriculum Vitae
Committee: Christopher Wildeman (co-chair), Daniel Lichter (co-chair), Maureen Waller, Laura Tach, Erin York Cornwell
Dissertation: Managing the Situation: A Mixed Methods Study of Incarceration and Family Life

Portrait of Alicia D. Eads

Alicia D. Eads
Personal site
Curriculum Vitae
Committee: Richard Swedberg (chair), Mabel Berezin, Laura Tach, David Mimno
Dissertation: Cultural Meaning and Policy Action During the Financial Crisis

Portrait of Dafna Gelbgiser

Dafna Gelbgiser
Personal site
Curriculum Vitae
Committee: Kim Weeden (co-chair), Stephen L. Morgan (co-chair), Pamela Tolbert, Sigal Alon
Dissertation: The expansion of for-profit colleges and its implications for social inequality

Portrait of Hilary J. Holbrow

Hilary J. Holbrow
Personal site
Curriculum Vitae
Committee: Victor Nee (Chair), Kim Weeden, Filiz Garip, and Mary Brinton (Harvard University)
Dissertation: Slow Down or Slow Dawn? Organizational Practices, Culture, and Emerging Opportunities for Women and Minorities in a Shrinking Japan

Portrait of Ningzi Li

Ningzi Li
Personal site
Curriculum Vitae
Committee: David Strang (Chair), Richard Swedberg, Ben Cornwell, Eli Friedman
Dissertation: Inter-organizational Relations and Financial Outcomes: Bond Issuances in China’s Interbank Market, 2009-2013

Defne Över
Personal Site
Curriculum Vitae
Committee: Mabel Berezin (chair), Richard Swedberg, Matthew Evangelista, Fatma Müge Göçek
Dissertation: Democracy and Repression: Suppression of Public Expression in Turkey, 1980-2013

Portrait of Emily S. Taylor Poppe

Emily S. Taylor Poppe
Personal site
Curriculum Vitae
Committee: Stephen Morgan, Erin York Cornwell, Valerie Hans
Dissertation: Going it Alone: Legal Mobilization and Efficacy in the Foreclosure Crisis