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Department of Sociology Faculty

Alvarado Steven E. Alvarado
Assistant Professor
Social Stratification, Education, Social Demography, Quantitative Methodology, Immigration, Health
Berezin Mabel Berezin
Comparative Historical Sociology, Culture, Political Institutions, Theory, Qualitative Methods, Economy and Society
Kendra_Bischoff Kendra Bischoff
Assistant Professor and Richard and Jacqueline Emmet Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow
Social Stratification and Inequality, Sociology of Education, Urban Sociology
Burton Diane Burton (courtesy, field)
Associate Professor of Human Resource Studies (ILR)
Organizations, Employment Systems, Entrepreneurship, Stratification
Cornwell Benjamin Cornwell
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Sociology of Health, Social Network Analysis, Organizations, Social Sequence Analysis, Social Stratification
garip_circle_100x100 Filiz Garip
Migration, Economic Sociology, Social Networks, Inequality
Anna R. Haskins
Assistant Professor
Social Stratification and Inequality, Sociology of Education, Race & Ethnicity, Mass Incarceration
Heckathorn Douglas Heckathorn
Formal Theory, Economic Sociology, AIDS Prevention Research, Collective Action, Social Psychology, Quantitative Methods
Lawler Edward J. Lawler
Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations and Sociology
Group Processes, Social Psychology, Organizations, Social Exchange, Negotiations
Lichter Daniel T. Lichter
Professor and Ferris Family Professor of Life Course Studies, Policy Analysis and Management; Director, Institute of Social Sciences
Family Sociology, Demography, Poverty and Inequality, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity
Macy Michael Macy
Goldwin Smith Professor of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Computing and Information Science, Director of the Social Dynamics Laboratory
Human Behavior, Social Interaction
maralani_circle_100x100 Vida Maralani
Associate Professor
Social Demography, Social Stratification and Inequality, Gender, Health, Education
Nee Victor Nee
Frank and Rosa Rhodes Professor, Director of the Center for the Study of Economy and Society
Theory, Economic Sociology, Stratification/Inequality, Immigration and Race, Transitions from State Socialism
Pinch Trevor Pinch (courtesy, field)
Goldwin Smith Professor of Science & Technology Studies; Director of Graduate Studies
Sociology of Scientific Knowledge, Sociology of Technology, Sociology of Markets, Sociology of Music and Musical Instruments
rich_circle_100x100 Peter Rich (courtesy, field)
Assistant Professor of Policy Analysis and Management
Residential Segregation, Race and Ethnicity, Spatial Inequality, Social Policy
Strang David Strang
Political Sociology, Organizations, Models and Methods for Dynamic Processes
swedberg Richard Swedberg
Economic Sociology, Theorizing in Social Science, Classical Sociological Theories
velez Hector Velez
Adjunct Associate Professor
Latin American Studies, Hispanic American Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Mass Media
Weeden Kim Weeden
Jan Rock Zubrow ’77 Professor in the Social Sciences, Director of the Center for the Study of Inequality, and Chair of the Department of Sociology
Social Inequality and Poverty, Labor Markets, Gender Inequality, Work and Occupations
Wethington Elaine Wethington
Professor of Human Development and Sociology
Medical Sociology, Sociology of the Family, Gender and Life Course
York Erin York Cornwell
Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow
Urban Sociology, Sociology of Law, Health, Aging, and Social Networks, Social Inequality

Additional Members of the Field of Sociology

The Graduate Field of Sociology is in charge of graduate training. The Field consists of all faculty in the Department of Sociology and the following scholars:

Marya Besharov Marya Besharov
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at ILR
Dunifon Rachel Dunifon
Professor of Policy Analysis and Management; Associate Dean for Research and Outreach
Family Structure and Child Well-being, Influence of Public Policies on Children and Parents, Food Insecurity
Friedman Eli Friedman
Assistant Professor of International and Comparative Labor (ILR)
Labor in China: Social Movements, Globalization, Development, Political Sociology, Work and Theory
Gleeson Shannon Gleeson
Associate Professor, Department of Labor Relations, Law, and History (ILR)
Experiences of low-wage workers, the role of immigrant documentation status, legal mobilization, immigrant civic engagement, and the bureaucratic processes of labor standards enforcement
Hall Matthew Hall
Associate Professor of Policy Analysis and Management
Social Demography, Migration/Immigration, Undocumented Immigration, Racial/Ethnic Inequality, Neighborhood Stratification, and Spatial Analysis
Kleinberg Jon Kleinberg
Professor of Computer Science, Chair of Department of Informational Science
Algorithms that exploit the combinatorial structure of networks and information
Chris Marquis Chris Marquis
Samuel C. Johnson Professor in Sustainable Global Enterprise; Professor of Management at the Johnson Business School
Organizations, Economy and Society
Musick Kelly Musick
Associate Professor of Policy Analysis and Management; Director of Cornell Population Center
Family Demography, Fertility, Child Well-Being, and Social Inequality
Pillemer Karl Pillemer
Professor of Human Development; Director of the Cornell Institute for Translational Research; Professor of Gerontology in Medicine at the Weill Cornell Medical College
Sociology of Aging and the Life Course, Family, Social Networks, Aging and Health Policy
Sassler Sharon L. Sassler
Professor of Policy Analysis and Management
Social Demography, Family Sociology, Sociology of Gender
Tach Laura Tach
Assistant Professor of Policy Analysis and Management
Poverty and Public Policy, Family Demography, Neighborhood Inequality
Tolbert Pamela Tolbert
Lois S. Gray Professor of ILR and the Social Sciences and Professor of the Department of Organizational Behavior
Formal Structure of Organizations, Organizational Change Processes, Organizations and Social Stratification, Occupations
Waller Maureen Waller
Associate Professor of Policy Analysis and Management
Low-income Fathers and Families; Welfare and Child Support Policy; Qualitative and Mixed Methods; Cultural Sociology
Wildeman Christopher Wildeman
Associate Professor of Policy Analysis and Management
Mass Incarceration, Stratification and Inequality, Sociology of the Family

Emeritus Faculty

caldwell Steven Caldwell
Associate Professor
Large-scale Models, Microsimulation, Life Course Choices, Evaluation and Policy Research
hayes Donald P. Hayes (1927-2006)
Professor Emeritus
Social interaction, Sociological Factors in the Realization of Human “Ability,” Machine Analysis of Tests

Postdoctoral Fellows

gelbgiser Dafna Gelbgiser
Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for the Study of Inequality
Social Stratification, Education

suttona April Sutton
Frank H.T. Rhodes Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell Population Center
Stratification and Inequality, Education, Labor Markets, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Work and Occupations