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About GSA

The Cornell Sociology Graduate Student Association (GSA) began in 2003 to address the needs of Cornell sociology graduate students at each stage of the graduate program. The GSA has continued to be a vital part of the sociology graduate program at Cornell through the organization's active role in enhancing the educational, professional, and social interactions among our graduate students and faculty.

GSA goals are organized around five core themes:

  • Career development
  • Graduate program requirements
  • Departmental communication
  • Student and faculty recruitment
  • Fostering community and support

These themes are addressed via multiple channels:  meetings for the presentation and discussion of sociology on the academic, public and private levels; guest lectures; social events; student-faculty luncheons; publication of newsletters; professional information sessions; the GSA website; and the mentorship program to assist incoming graduate students in sociology.

All current sociology graduate students are GSA members.


Officers for 2012/2013

Fedor Dokshin (co-chair)
Michael Siemon (co-chair)
Stephen Morgan (faculty advisor)
Mabel Berezin (faculty advisor)

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